Selecting a New Patrol Unit for Police

A few months ago the Ford Motor Company advised police agencies across North America that it will cease production of the Crown  Victoria which has become the standard police vehicle for most police agencies.  According to Ford the last Crown Vic will role off the assembly line in 2011. 

Ford is pushing the new Taurus as a replacement.  The Taurus is smaller than the Crown Victoria, and is more fuel efficient.  Many police agencies, however, prefer the larger rear wheel drive Crown Victoria which still features the  body-on-frame which is easier to repair.  The larger cab size also makes it ideal as a platform for all the additional equipment police cars are fitted with. 

Some police agencies will no doubt be looking at this as an opportune time to make a change.  Chrysler’s entry in the police vehicle class is the Dodge Charger.  Chevrolet produces the Impala with special police features.  One thing is for certain:  in a few years when you see a police car rolling down the street in North America, it won’t be a Crown Vic.