UK Police Publish e-crime Strategy

E-crime in the form of fraud and scams, computer hacking and data breaches have become a reality worldwide.  Many police agencies have attempted to create centers of e-crime expertise on a local or regional basis.  Investigation  of e-crime however requires not only special expertise but also resources and national and international co-ordination. 

Last week, The Association of Chief Police Officers  in the UK (roughly the UK equivalent to the CACP)  announced a comprehensive e-crime strategy.  The strategy addresses issues such as investigative capabilities, awareness, national co-ordination, public education and partnerships with industry and academia

The strategy calls for the London Metropolitan Police to co-ordinate the cyber crime response.  The strategy is a good first step in addressing what some have predicted will be the prevalent form of crime in future years. 

The ACPO e-crime strategy is available at: