The “Reactive” Councillor Steeves

Politicians see themselves as leaders not followers.  They tend to portray themselves as proactive not reactive.

Yet at times during periods of extreme political euphoria such as the recent political spin fest centered around the unveiling of the Winnipeg Police Helicopter,  politicians at times develop loose lip syndrome.

Loose lip syndrome usually occurs  when politicians stray from their prepared script and say what they actually think or believe.

At the recent Winnipeg Police helicopter unveiling where politicians attempted to out gush each other and  convince themselves, each other and the unwashed masses who pay the bills that  they are spending tax dollars wisely, Councillor Steeves made a fatal slip of the lip displaying his true colours when he said:

“The announcement today is going to give the Winnipeg Police Service an increased ability to react.

Yes, React!

If the best we can expect from a 3.5 million dollar capital expenditure coupled with 1.3 million dollars annually is a better reaction perhaps it might have been beneficial to examine the expenditure more closely and consider other options that  had a realistic chance of preventing crime.

2 comments on “The “Reactive” Councillor Steeves

  1. chrows25 says:

    OH MY DOG! I am really going to sleep better in Point Douglas knowing that the whirly bird will be up there about an hour after I call about the home invasion. I am trusting my dogs to have dealt with the situation way before the ‘copter, leaves its pad.
    I support more foot patrols who actually get to know citizens and more dogs who actually can find “bad guys”.


  2. I completely agree with your perspective. Personally, I do not think their is conclusive evidence that a helicopter will reduce crime in any significant manner and that more emphasis and money should be dedicated to effective crime prevention programs, education, social services, etc.


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