Toward an Accurate Editorial

Todays Winnipeg Free Press features an editorial titled  “Toward a better watchdog”.

The editorial begins:

“Attorney General Andrew Swan has announced the appointees to the Manitoba Police Commission, five people who will advise the province on police matters and help train the new boards that will watch over municipal police forces.”

In actuality, nine people have been appointed to the Commission.

The editorial goes on to describe one of the duties of the Police Commission as being to “recruit and train the civilians for the municipal police boards”.  The legislation does mention training of civilian police boards as one of the duties of the Commission, but is silent on the issue of  recruiting.

One comment on “Toward an Accurate Editorial

  1. Marty Gold says:

    Keep in mind, this is the same newspaper that decried censorship of broadcasters even AFTER due process via complaint hearings in a Feb. 7 editorial,

    yet their editor demanded censorship of my radio program without any due process, while insisting her “complaint” (which was not even about one of my broadcasts and was proven false anyways) had to be kept confidential.

    Quality journamalism indeed.


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