Winnipeg Police 2010 Annual Report Late – Again

Between March and September of 2011 the following western Canadian police departments released their 2010 annual reports:

Edmonton Police 2010 Annual Report,  released March 16th 2011.

Calgary Police Annual Statistical Report 2006-2010, released May 2011

Vancouver Police Department 2010 Annual Report, released in August 2011

Regina Police Service 2010 Annual Report,  released August 2011

Saskatoon Police Service 2010 Annual Report, released September 2011

Winnipeg Police Service 2010 Annual Report:  sorry, not yet released

This is the second year in a row that the Winnipeg Police Service annual report is late, and I mean really late.  This year we will be lucky to see the report released prior to 2012.

The Winnipeg Police Executive is fortunate they only  report to citizens and politicians.  If they were reporting to shareholders and a board of directors they would be toast!

3 comments on “Winnipeg Police 2010 Annual Report Late – Again

  1. Tom Lillyman says:

    A failing grade is one thing but a failing report is an acknowledgement.


  2. Brett says:

    As a businessperson, this drives me bananas! As you said,any CEO or COO would be looking for a job. BTW, why does it take so long to compile this thing every year?
    By the time any reports are ready, they are irrelevant, since most of the data is more than a year old.


  3. Menno Zacharias says:

    I would suggest it is a matter of priorities. Other police departments, government agencies, and for profit companies seem to be able to get their annual reports out quickly. If accountability is a low priority then the preparation and release of the annual report becomes a low priority.


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