3 comments on “Santa Visits Winnipeg 2011

  1. Craig Matthews says:

    I really enjoy your comments as your experience speaks volumes. Hope you still have some time left to work on your golf game.
    All the best for the season to you and your family.
    Regards, Craig Matthews


  2. James T says:

    The robbery rate is the most serious public safety threat the city faces, in my humble opinion. It’s also a great gauge of the true level of how safe people actually are in the city.

    The fact that it is so high is shameful. Lots of desperation out there.


  3. Tom Lillyman says:

    If their is some one who should be robbed it is Santa,,, that bastard has been sending me the bill for my kids and grand kids shit every year !!!

    On a brighter note Menno I hope you and all your readers have a safe and merry Christmas.

    Tom Lillyman.


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