Winnipeg Police Pull 2010 Annual Report from Website

In a previous post I wrote:

The next step was to do the actual calculations using the District and city-wide data as listed in the 2009 and 2010 Annual Reports.  The results of those calculations are listed in column 2.  There is a significant disparity between the two columns – at this point I’m ready to suggest that the Police Service  pull the 2010 Annual Report off the website, scrap the whole mess and start over.

I checked the site this morning and noticed that the 2010 Annual Report has been deleted from the site.

The site still offers access to Winnipeg Police  Annual Reports prior to 2010.

2 comments on “Winnipeg Police Pull 2010 Annual Report from Website

  1. The fact they have pulled the report speaks volumes. A simple reporting document, putting together an Annual Report is hardly rocket science. It’s sad really that the WPS was unable to satisfy even the bare minimum of reporting standards… i.e. timeliness & accuracy.


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