A Sinking Ship, A $10.00 House and Phil Sheegle

Councillors Leave EPC

In the last year 1 councilor abandoned his position on EPC and now another 2 have announced their intention to leave.  That brings to mind the following one liner:  I’ve never seen this number of rats jumping off a ship unless it was sinking or on fire”.

Mayor’s house purchase in Arizona

Re Mayor Katz’s purchase  of a house in Scottsdale Arizona for 10 dollars and ‘other valuation consideration’.  Until such time as the Mayor explains what that other valuable consideration was we should not conclude that it did not involve Shindico.

Phil Sheegl’s qualifications to be CAO

Back when Phil Sheegl was named CAO the Mayor made the following comment when Sheegl’s qualifications were questioned by Councillor Jenny Gerbasi.

“When it comes to ability, intelligence and integrity, Coun. Gerbasi wouldn’t even qualify to be in the same building, let alone the same room, as Phil Sheegl”.

Well, they are no longer in the same room or  even the same building.  Councillor Gerbasi is still in the same room (council chamber) in the same building (city hall) but Phil Sheegl is long gone, having decided to leave the building first.  Last laugh definitely goes to Councillor Gerbasi.    As one of my high school teachers used to say ‘he who laughs last laughs best’.

6 comments on “A Sinking Ship, A $10.00 House and Phil Sheegle

  1. Leon F-N says:

    Great to see the recent the recent blog posts, even if the subject is enough to make my head hurt. With all the controversy swirling around city hall, what are the odds a police investigation begins? Would the Winnipeg Police Service be allowed to investigate municipal corruption, or would it have to be an outside agency? Lastly, who has the authorization to begin such an investigation?

    I hear a certain Mr. Charbonneau may be wrapping up an inquiry in another province with a history of municipal dishonesty, perhaps he is looking for a new position.


  2. I think we may even want to include the purchasing of the Goldeyes shares back…Where are the paper trails and explanations for these business transactions with a company that did not have to go through the appropriate tender process.


  3. Menno Zacharias says:

    Thank you for your input Leon. The Winnipeg Police Service certainly could conduct municipal corruption investigation in terms of investigative ability. However, unlike the mayor who has no understanding of the concept of conflict of interest I think the WPS would conclude that they might be in an actual or potential conflict of interest as the Chief reports directly to the CAO, and indirectly to the Mayor and the actions of both would come under scrutiny in such an investigation. The WPS if they felt that the basis existed to start an investigation could certainly ask another police agency such as the RCMP to commence an investigation. Some Councillors seem to think such an investigation can only commence if they request it, that is incorrect.


  4. Sam says:

    Lets not forget all the high paid staff are still comfy and biding theid time to pension nirvana. In the real world they would be canned.

    As for the mayoral hopefuls . Steeves part of the problem.
    Havi beck voted for the sheegl and had no clue what was ..happening. EPC screwed the pooch. Mayor should be forced to resgn. Province.should call a judiciay inquiry.

    That leaves smith, gerbasi eadie and orlikow on the right side of te fence. Incredible.


  5. Menno Zacharias says:

    You are correct. What we need to know is if the shares that were bought back were also purchased for $10.00 and another valuable consideration like was the case with the house, and if so what the valuable consideration was. As well we need to know who paid back the amounts owing to the Crocus fund, was that the Mayor or some 3rd. party and did all that also fall under the valuable consideration category.


  6. Sam says:

    good points on the house and crocus. These definitely rate as potential payouts for getting contracts. As a contractor I am all to familiar with ” Scratch my back I’ll scratch yours “.

    There is that issue that needs to be investigated. Then there is the even bigger issue of why so many City employees, who should be loyal to the City (namely, Directors and Division heads ), decided to turn a blind eye to what was happening. Again, they are paid handsomely. We keep hearing the idiocy , we have to pay for the best and the brightest. Well supposedly, we did. Where were they ? Are they that incompetent. And what can be said of the ones who hire them , are they that stupid. If yes, then we need to flush them out and terminate their employment.

    Lets all keep something in mind here. If it were not for the CBC reporter walking his dog and noticed the sign, this “sting” would have gone unnoticed. Why.

    1) The electorate continues to elect vacuous people to positions of power. ( Is my hair styled properly )

    2) The media gives them a free ride in general.

    3) The administration ( longtime employees, don’t have the guts to do their jobs properly )

    Here’s my hit list. If I were on council I’d drag these people in and sequester their emails. They have to answer how Council’s will and 15 million dollars got to this point.


    Departments – Property and Development – Purchasing – Finance – Legal – Public Works

    And yes, I’d like to ask the IT department why our software isn’t providing Task Management and Team Collaboration. The minute funds are allocated, the software needs to take over, notify and track all departments which may be required.

    We are a billion dollar entity – can we please move up from paper napkins.

    Taxpayers need to demonstrate their displeasure. But Sam may just get re-elected just to give you a taste on the voting public.


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