The Whistle Blew, Was Anyone Listening

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We know from the Quebec experience that even in a sophisticated developed country like Canada, some politicians at the municipal level engage in fraudulent activities for personal gain.

Over the years some Winnipeg contractors have bemoaned the fact that some company owners and contractors have had a too close and cosy relationship with civic politicians and senior civil servants in the area of property development.

A parcel of land may have a very low value based on how it is zoned.  If a zoning change or variance can be obtained the price of a given parcel of land can greatly increase in value overnight.

Zoning changes and variances are obtained through civic standing committees usually based on the advice of senior officials in the administration.

Then there is the whole issue of awarding city contracts which greatly broadens the field of play into areas such as  water and waste, road and building construction, snow clearing, garbage and recycling pickup and a host of other soft services such as consulting contracts which the city regularly enters into.

The problem has been that business owners and contractors have been  loath to come forward and file formal complaints because many rely heavily on city business for their livelihood.  They have not been confident that a complaint would result in the required changes, and they cannot afford to be black-balled.

Based on media reports it would appear that we are now in a position where a number of people with apparent knowledge of alleged wrong doing have come forward to police.  Naturally police need to establish the credibility of the individuals coming forward and  assess the validity and reliability of the information they are providing.  If the individuals are credible and the information passes the initial test, there would appear to be a basis to initiate an investigation.

Lets hope that the appropriate approaches were used to ensure this matter was dealt with properly and that an opportunity was not lost.

Corruption at any level of government undermines both democratic principles and the workings of a  free market economy.  All available steps must be taken to investigate and prosecute corruption.

3 comments on “The Whistle Blew, Was Anyone Listening

  1. Boss says:

    I’ve had one of my city contracts doubled by the consultant even after I changed their out of date spec for free. I did all the work, supplied all the material yet they bumped a 15 k contract to 30K.

    Who do I tell ???? Not like there is anyone willing to listen,The City is a fcking mess – there is alot of waste and no one seems to give a sht about anything. This crew of administrators are just waiting for their pensions to kick in . The new crew is even weaker., considering they have no practical experience and I can’t understand half of what they are trying to say.

    The City – 20 years ago was a great place to contract. Everyone worked together. Now, no one gives a hoot.


  2. Sharon Cramer says:

    I’m curious to know if there’s more information that can be revealed relating the headline and the tag to Andrew Swan (who is my MLA and was Manitoba’s Attorney General)…


  3. Menno Zacharias says:

    The only link between the whistle blower and Andrew Swan is that the information that was brought forward ended up in Minster Swan’s office and he (his office) was required to make a decision in terms of how it should be dealt with. It would appear he forwarded it to the RCMP for criminal investigation.


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