The Effect of Unauthorized Speed Limit Signs

In response to a sign posted by Wise Up Winnipeg,  Mayor Sam Katz said:

“I think everybody should know better than just go and start doing things on their own erecting signs that are not only against the Highway Traffic Act and violate it but more importantly could have ramifications when it comes to safety”.  

On the other hand…..




12 01 14   Wording changed from ‘photo radar’ to ‘radar’


4 comments on “The Effect of Unauthorized Speed Limit Signs

  1. John Matthews says:

    Love it! How accurate is THAT!!


  2. TRex says:

    It’s the same mind set that penalizes drivers for flashing their lights at oncoming traffic to alert fellow travellers to the presence of speed traps. The end result (assuming the speed limit is being exceeded by users of the other lane, not a given) is a possible reduction in velocity and a more attentive posture which should be applauded, but not if it results in a decrease in tickets issued apparently.

    It is all so obviously about revenue.


  3. Mort Walker says:

    Accuary is very important, as you point out with your analysis of the WPS annual report.

    The same accuracy should be found in your reporting. The zone in question, where the unauthorized warning sign was erected was not and has never been enforced by photo radar.


  4. Menno Zacharias says:

    Mobile photo radar can only be operated in immediate proximity to schools, play grounds, parks etc. Although I have never viewed political cartoons as “reporting” in the strict sense of the word, I have none the less changed the wording from ‘photo radar’ to ‘radar’ and noted the change at the bottom of the post.


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