Muggings in District 1

Between January 1st.  and October 9th. there have been 520 muggings in District 1.  That is an increase of 4% over last year.

This is what it looks like on a map.

Source:  Winnipeg Police Crimestat website

A close-up view of the immediate downtown area looks like this

Source:  Winnipeg Police Crimestat website

Can you say ‘crime cluster’?

4 comments on “Muggings in District 1

  1. Tom Lillyman. says:

    Looking back at the core reasons and methods, the expropriation of properties and spending millions of tax dollars, to revive downtown Winnipeg in order to gain back lost tax revenues. In return we still have an area that is less desirable to do business in than the suburbs and it has an increasing crime rate. Can’t wait to see what brillant idea our city leaders will come up with next to fix this problem but rest assured it will result in continued tax increases with a minimal if any bang for our buck. .


  2. Yer Pal says:

    Your map graphic looks like Easter Island.


  3. Menno Zacharias says:

    Reply to Yer Pal: There is a striking resemblance. The major difference is the density. Winnipeg has several in some cases many on just one city block.


  4. john says:

    Looks like only about 1/2 are downtown, 250?
    Wonder how this comapareas to say Vancouver or Montreal?


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