Are you afraid of the Winnipeg Police?

The following is a quote from a recent article by Marc Montgomery:

Critics of the “creeping militarization” say when police appear more and more often in body armour and military clothing, with automatic weapons and armoured vehicle, it creates distance and fear between the population and the forces.

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service wear body armour on a daily basis, carry semi-automatic pistols, have access to an array of weapons and now have an armored vehicle. That begs the question;


4 comments on “Are you afraid of the Winnipeg Police?

  1. Castli Photography says:

    If you want to talk in a militaristic sense, only the “opposing forces” need to be afraid.


  2. Menno Zacharias says:

    I agree. I think this poll although not a scientific sample by any means, will show that the vast majority of citizens do not fear the police, nor should they, unless as you say, they are on the other side.


  3. Cam says:

    If your afraid of the police then the next time someone attacks you or your family call your mum, dad, or grandma. Grow up people


  4. Tim Turner says:

    How can any “law abiding citizen” possibly observe this as anything else but a good thing!? Yeah. I know, shut up, cops are not to be trusted, a sad state of affairs………….


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