The Great Canadian Carbon Tax


Is it a carbon tax or perhaps the Great Canadian Carbon Scam?


Governments of all stripes have repeatedly demonstrated  throughout history that they are not stellar stewards of our money.


Every dollar that flows to government in the form of taxation (any form of taxation)  is potentially a dollar wasted.  Every dollar we keep out of the hands of government is potentially a dollar saved.


Enter the Trudeau Liberal carbon tax.  The Trudeau Liberals started out touting the carbon tax as being revenue neutral.  The carbon tax would be flowing back to the people who paid it.

The current iteration of the plan calls for 90% of the tax going back to the people who paid it.  And of that 90% only 70 % of taxpayers will get back at least what the tax cost them, which means the other 30 % will in fact  be  ‘taxed” by this so-called revenue neutral taxing scheme.


The question that arises is, apart from the inequity of the carbon tax  how is taxing Peter and then paying Paul (who is actually Peter)  90% of what you took from him going to contribute to a reduction of emissions?


That is a question that has not been adequately answered. The second question is who gets the remaining 10% and how ill that contribute to cutting emissions?  At present it is designated to go the schools and hospital and other such entities that are not able to pass the tax on to consumers.


Lastly there is another question that has not even been asked.  What will be the cost of creating the and running the bureaucracy that will administer this new tax?

Will there be a tax or surcharge to pay for the cost of collecting and redistributing the tax back to some but not all Canadian?  Or is that what the money that the 30% who will not be getting back what the tax cost them will be used for.

Lastly, is this perhaps just another pre-election bauble or ‘shiny thing’  the Liberals are throwing out there to distract voters from the other issues facing this country in the hope that the electorate is gullible enough to fall for it?



6 comments on “The Great Canadian Carbon Tax

  1. Cliff says:

    Unless one is stupid or ignorant enough to think climate change is neither real nor a danger to our species, there arises an obvious question. What, if anything, can we do now that might limit or mitigate the damaging effects?

    The current government has a plan which may or may not be a good one. If others do not like the plan they should put forward their own. Canadians will get to decide on the relative merits of the alternatives next year.

    In any event science tells us that 99% of all the living species that have occupied this planet have died out. It seems to me certain that before long, in geological terms, our species will join them – one way or another.

    Personnaly, I am expecting to go extinct within 30 years at the outside no matter how good or bad the plans of the government of the day might be.


  2. Sel Burrows says:

    From a reasoned commentary on justice and policing, the blog deteriorates to a second rate anti tax diatribe
    I had expected more


  3. x says:

    Well Sel, perhaps you expected more but your response is exactly what I would have anticipated, a typical left wing disparaging of the message and the messenger because if is not in keeping with your liberal leanings.


  4. Keener says:

    Hi All,
    I think that these types of scams are one of the reasons that we don’t have the funding for proper policing and justice, and social justice Sel. I also think that if we were to stop trying to create a constant population growth(another scam by the greedy capitalists that depress wages and erode all of our standard of living) in a country where you have to create a massive carbon footprint (vs the temperate countries nearer the equator) to stay warm, it would make more sense. This scam SHOULD be criminal, as we’re being fleeced again by our purported leaders.
    Have a great day, maybe have a campfire, with a few cocktails and weenies. Thanks for the blog, and for speaking out against this massive fraud.



  5. Sel Burrows says:

    Response to Xsays:
    I am not a Liberal. Calling my response in keeping with my Liberal leanings is a personal insult. I am very comfortable being identified as having left wing leanings but left and liberal are very different.
    And I’m not ashamed to put my name on my opinions.
    Sel Burrows


  6. x says:

    It was not my intention to insult you Sel. It is gratifying to see that thee are people out there who are insulted at being identified as a ‘Liberal’.


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