What’s In a Relationship

The Winnipeg Police Service has replaced its longstanding motto,  Community Commitment with “Building Relationships“.

The following are some comments that I’ve heard about the Winnipeg Police “Building Relationships” motto that add some humour to an otherwise serious subject.

Scenario 1

Upon being arrested and placed in the back of a patrol unit a suspect  was heard to say “I don’t like where this relationship is going“.

Scenario 2

In June of last  year a suspect attempted to end his relationship with police when he escaped from a holding room in the District 6 Police Station.  The relationship was rekindled when police re-arrested the suspect.

Scenario 3

Another suspect  thought his relationship with police was going sour.  Police managed to  spice  up the relationship with a long burst of pepper spray.

Scenario 4

A recently tasered inner city resident described his relationship with the Police Service as  “electrifying“.

Scenario 5

The Professional Standards Unit, formerly known as the Internal Investigation Unit,  could also be called the  Failed Relationships Unit.

Scenario 6

One recently convicted gang member doing time at Stony Mountain Penitentiary described his relationship with police as “rocky“.

Scenario 7

Now that the Winnipeg Police Service has entered the relationship building business, eHarmony, the online dating service, will no doubt respond to this encroachment  by changing its motto to   “To Serve and Protect“.

Scenario 8

One repeat criminal offender described his relationship with police as “ long-term and on going“.

If you think policing business should be strictly ‘business’, lighten up.  There is a lot of humour in policing.  As one former Chief often said ‘you need to get a least one good laugh a day”.

Winnipeg Police Cars to Sport a New Colour and Logo

Community Commitment is out, ‘Building Relationships’ is in.

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service have been asked to participate in a selection process to choose a new ‘look’ for Winnipeg Police patrol units.  The process will involve members visiting Policenet, logging in and casting a vote for one of two designs.

The new look will feature a black on white as opposed to blue on white color scheme.

The colour is not all that’s being altered.  The Police Service’s long standing motto “Community Commitment” will be removed and replaced by the current administration’s favorite buzz words.  You guessed it, patrol units will be adorned with “Building Relationships”.

It is not anticipated that the words “Community Commitment” will be removed from the Police Service badge.  The heraldic design and wording  incorporated in the badge was personally approved by the Queen.  Any change to the badge would require royal approval.

According to a recent email sent to all members of the Police Service by the Chief,  the new colour scheme and logo is designed to enhance safety in terms of greater visibility, improve the image of the Service, and increase officer morale.

The two proposed patrol unit designs are shown below.