Winnipeg Crime Statistics (2015) by Electoral Ward

The statistics presented in this post are for the 8 crime types tracked by Winnipeg Police Crimestat for the dates  January 1st. 2015 and December 31 2015.


The numbers in parenthesis are the number of crimes reported to police  (2015/2014)


Old Kildonan  -7%   (384/414)

Point Douglas  -5%  (1009/1059)

St. Charles  -3%    (199/205)

Mynarski   0%   (1056/1061)

Transcona  +2%   (305/298)

St. Boniface  +11%  490/440)

Fort Rouge/East Fort Garry  +8%  (661/611)

Charleswood/Tuxedo  +12%  (217/194)

St. Vital  +20%  (437/364)

St. James/Brooklands/Weston    +21%  (663/548)

Elmwood/East Kildonan  +22%  (610/500)

River Heights/Fort Garry  +23%  (513/418)

Daniel McIntyre  +23%   (1060/862)

North Kildonan  +24%   (299/242)

South Winnipeg/St. Norbert  +31%  (403/307)



Except for the St. Charles ward, which has very little crime to begin with, the three wards that saw decreases or remained the same are all in the north end of the city (District 3).

The Daniel McIntyre ward edged out Mynarski as the ward with the most reported crimes.

The south-west, and south-east portions of the city showed major increases in property related crime.

5 comments on “Winnipeg Crime Statistics (2015) by Electoral Ward

  1. Rod Sudbury says:

    Keep up the good work Menno. I don’t live there any more but the information is interesting.


  2. jspndy says:

    Are these figures meaningful for assessment of policing in the area?


  3. dt1524 says:

    At first glance it would appear that huge resources were dumped into the core, at the expense of the rest of the city.

    Really however, when we’re talking about property crimes, one wouldn’t expect there to be much of an increase in the core as perhaps the demographics would indicate there isn’t much to steal. And while theft isn’t the only form of property crime it is likely the most prominent.

    The correlation is that the perpetrators of these crimes are going out to the areas of the city where the commodity they trade in (stolen goods) is more readily available.

    The points is that if you live in the suburbs, the chances of seeing a police officer just patrolling, is slim.


  4. Gerbasi, Jenny says:

    I notice Fort Rouge –East Fort Garry is missing from your list…Does that mean we are crime free ☺?

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    Councillor, Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry
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  5. Menno Zacharias says:

    No I wish it meant that. What it means is that I made an omission which has now been rectified. Thanks Jenny.


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